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About us: The Post was started in 2008 by Dave Price and Jim Pavelich. They were the founding publishers of the Palo Alto Daily News in 1995. The first edition of the Daily News was eight pages, but it steadily grew. By 2005, the Daily News was averaging 100 pages a day and had editions in five cities. In 2005, Price and Pavelich sold the Daily News.

After they left, the Daily News began to go downhill and today it has one small edition that comes out once a week.

In 2008, readers and advertisers convinced Price and Pavelich that Palo Alto and surrounding communities needed a newspaper like the one they used to publish. As fate would have it, when they began to look for a place to start the Post, the Daily News had just moved out of its downtown home at 324 High St., abandoning Palo Alto. So the Post grabbed that space and began printing a few weeks later.

By 2011, the Post was the No. 1 newspaper in the mid-Peninsula, leading in page counts, advertising inches and circulation. While the Post is suceeding through hard work, some of our competitors are helping getting a hand from the government in order to stay in business. Here's an editorial we printed about that.

In January 2013, the Post moved to a larger space at 385 Forest Ave., also in downtown Palo Alto.

In March 2015, the Daily News cut its printing schedule back to just once a week while retaining the word "daily" in its name. That left the Daily Post as the only daily newspaper in Palo Alto.
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